Mule Deer

  • 1 on 1 – $5500.00
  • 2 on 1 – $4000.00
  • Here’s where adventure really starts!
  • Having owned a successful Mule Deer outfit in southern Alberta, we know big Mule Deer!
  • This area has limited vehicle access starting in September each year. We will spot and stalk on foot along the river breaks, or if you are up for it we will spot and stalk from horseback!
  • Some good deer have been taken out of this area in the past. We will be looking at bucks in the 150-170 range and hoping for something really exciting to show itself!
  • Depending on weather we will either stay in cabins in the hunting area, or stay in our well set up wall tent camp.
  • 7 day hunt in October/November.
  • Non Resident Alien License – $180.00, Mule Deer License $125.00, Wolf License $50.00 (optional), Wildlife Conservation Fee – $250.00 (License Prices in Canadian Funds)Contact for more info!
  • Ask about our Alberta Options.
Brit Yarish
One of our great Alberta Bucks!