• 5 day hunts that will be based out of cabin accommodations in our hunting area. Hunts will be run concurrently with our cougar hunts and there may be options for lynx hunters to tag along on Cougar hunts while in camp.
  • Lots of lynx, multiple chases a day.
  • As with our Cougar hunts we use truck, atv and snowmobile to scout tracks. Once we find a quality track we let the hounds do their job.
  • Though not as physically challenging as some of the other areas we hunt, please be prepared to hike in the snow!
  • Trophy care provided (salted and frozen) for shipping or delivery to a taxidermist.
  • $3500.00 per hunter
  • Non Resident Alien License – $180.00, Lynx License $40.00, Wolf License $50.00 (optional), Wildlife Conservation Fee – $250.00 (License Prices in Canadian Funds)
    **CITIES permits required for shipping of your trophy home.  Your trophy may not be able to be taken home when you leave depending on flights.**